Fashion and technology are two very different things, however, now, in the twenty-first century, they seem to go hand in hand. Through the internet alone, many more people have access to pictures, videos and articles about the latest looks, trends and season ‘must haves’.

Now the average person is able to seek fashion inspiration from the catwalks of Paris, New York and Milan without ever needing their own invitation or ticket! Brilliant!

However, it’s not through the internet alone that fashion has been affected; smartphones, apps and technology in general also now play a big part in the fashion world. If I’m honest, I personally turn to certain fashion and photography apps before anything when looking for new directions to take with my own personal style, Instagram being an example of one. Thanks to smartphones these apps and images are available through one easy touch and constantly allow me to keep in touch and familiarise myself with the ever expanding, fashion world. As well as this, the ease and practicality of smartphones, and their built in cameras, often allows me to document and log items which I’ve seen and have caught my eye.

The software which runs fashion apps are always changing and updating and there is an ever increasing demand to set new trends and discover new ways of bringing high fashion to everyone. I have recently come across a kind of software which aids fashion followers and allows them to bring the new season trends from London and New York into the own wardrobes at home! The software is calledย findSimilar,ย a really exciting new release of software which allows you find the items of clothing you desire or similar equivalents. All you have to do is take a photo of a piece which you like, for example, you could have eyed something up from a fashion show or seen an item you admire on a someone you see on the street. Then once you’ve taken the photo the app will search for the item or it’s best match and then allows you to buy these items! Amazing right?!! I know, it’s almost to good to be true!

I’ve really enjoyed using this app during LFW for snapping items from both the catwalks and the street style! Hedvig Opshaug’s street style was an example which caught my eye with this beautiful blue textured dress.

Hedvig Opshaug Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

So, I input this image into the software and it brings together suggested answers for alternative dresses, similar to this, which you can then buy! Result! The desired look just without the price tag! Here are some of the dresses which I was recommended, not bad matches if you ask me!

Photo 16-09-2014 23 02 37

I used the app Style Thief to ‘steal this style’ from Hedvig and also to try out this software and I have to say I’m a massive fan of the findSimilar software, which is made by ‘Cortexica’, and I have a feeling it will be featuring on many other fashion apps very soon! I can’t wait to use this software more in the future and hope that one day it will be featuring british brands along with the british pound!

Fashion, once again, in the palm of your hand! Love it!

Congrats Cortexica!

Have you you come across this software yet? Do you think it sounds promising? Let me know!

Curvy Girl


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