Kimono Kimono Kimono

Photo 25-07-2014 19 19 02

Kimono Kimono Kimono! This summer seems to be all about the Kimono. Long, short, print, coloured, tasselled, non tasselled…they’re everywhere!

It took me a long time to find one which I liked and could actually see myself wearing, but I got there in the end. I had ruled out tasselled (not really sure why?) and found myself steering towards the shorter design. I wanted simple.. I thought it best to start with one which wasn’t to extravagant and in your face. Then I struck luck, hanging behind lots of other Kimonos in New Look was this beauty. It was the only one I could see on the rack in this style and it was in my size.. I had one of those moments where you say to yourself ‘This is fate!! I am just clearly meant to own this item of clothing!”, and you skip off to the till feeling very pleased with yourself. Anyway, since then I have lived in this kimono! It’s really light but is thick enough to keep you warm on a summer’s evening which is perfect! The pastel coloured,floral pattern is also beautiful! And I’m just obsessed with it, wearing both during the day and out at night..

Last night I went out for dinner and paired my Kimono with my Kurt Geiger flats, some jeggins, a plain pink tee and my new rings from H&M  .. and this was the finished result. Girlie, casual and summery, just what I wanted. I can safely say that I am now a kimono lover and will probably be investing in some more very soon!

Curvy Girl

Photo 25-07-2014 19 19 02 (1)

Photo 25-07-2014 19 26 09

Photo 25-07-2014 19 14 50 (1)

Kimono – New Look

Pink Tee – New Look

Jeggins – Dorothy Perkins

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Sunglasses – RayBan

Rings – H&M



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