Where to start?

I guess that the best place to start when writing a blog for the first time is probably by introducing myself. The name’s Hannah, I’m 19 and I’m based in the wonderful city of York in the UK. I am currently studying Music at the University, however I seem to spend more time shopping than I do studying! But don’t tell my lecturers that… I love this city, home to Betty’s tea rooms, cobbled streets, and the beautiful York Minster, I’m proud to now call this place home!

Now for the fashion stuff! I had always admired fashion bloggers, but never really pictured myself as one, until one day, after scrolling through countless Instagram posts from fashion bloggers which I follow, I had a ‘lightbulb moment’. All these fashion bloggers were beautiful. I mean stunning! Tall, beautiful skin and, of course, thin… In my eyes thats what you had to look like to become a good fashion blogger, until my determination got the better of me…. I decided to create a blog to report on clothes which suit me!  A size 12-14 girl who has now decided to embrace her curves rather than be ashamed of them! Everyone should be able to feel beautiful in their body regardless of size! So that pretty much sums up what my future posts will be about…Me and the clothes which I enjoy wearing! Plain and simple!


Curvy Girl


One thought on “Where to start?

  1. northjones

    Good luck with the new blog – I’m just starting out myself! Pretty daunting when you look at all the established bloggers but I guess they all started somewhere 🙂



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