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I’m all about a good jacket!

10588576_10152317696748041_1978231134_nAnyone who knows me will know how much I treasure my jacket collection! In my eyes, jackets are perfect for most occasions Continue reading


My new bit of sparkle!


Congratulations Zara! You’ve done it again! Sheer brilliance in necklace form!

I’m all about the chunky statement necklace. I’ve lost count of how many I have! I love them, and I feel this new edition will be taking centre stage round my neck this autumn! Part of Zara’s new autumn/winter collection, this piece stands out on the rack! I think this piece is going to be very popular this coming season.  Continue reading

Kimono Kimono Kimono

Photo 25-07-2014 19 19 02

Kimono Kimono Kimono! This summer seems to be all about the Kimono. Long, short, print, coloured, tasselled, non tasselled…they’re everywhere!

It took me a long time to find one which I liked and could actually see myself wearing, but I got there in the end. I had ruled out tasselled (not really sure why?) and found myself steering towards the shorter design. I wanted simple.. I thought it best to start with one which wasn’t to extravagant and in your face. Then I struck luck, hanging behind lots of other Kimonos in New Look was this beauty. It was the only one I could see on the Continue reading